frequently asked questions

Q: How long does it take to complete an investigation?
A: This depends with the type of case you are requesting us to complete. We have a team of resources that M&M Investigations can assign to help you gain the best investigation at an affordable cost.

Q: Are all investigators certified?
A: Yes. Each investigator gets the mandated training regulated by the state, plus monthly in-service training. As laws change, it is important to keep everyone up to date.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes. But this usually adds an expense to the investigation since so many credit card companies charge us a fee to use their services. However, you can use Western Union or other companies to send us the money and often the fee is lower.

Q: Are retainers required? And what are they used for?
A: Most times. M&M Investigative Services will try to work with you the best we can, but most of the time we require a retainer to help maintain our confidential relationship. Each case dictates how the retainers are used. This ensures complete honesty and best position for your case.

Q:  I have never hired a private investigator before. What should I look for?
A: Different investigators may specialize in different services so make sure you select one who can do the work you need. After all, you can’t hire a house-painter to fix leaky pipes and expect a good result.
Above all you should look for a service who will disclose all fees in advance, state clearly what they will do and how long it will take, advise you what the risks are, and be responsive to your questions and comments.

Q:  I am worried about the fees. How do I know they will be affordable?
A: What is affordable varies from person to person of course. We will present a range of options, disclose all fees in advance and leave it to each client to determine what fits their budget. We will design a solution that meets your needs at a price you can afford.
Since almost all cases we handle involve a client protecting their own interests, whether emotional or financial, we respectfully suggest that the cost of investigative services be viewed as a down payment towards future happiness and success.

Q: I am not entirely comfortable talking about my problem with a total stranger...
A: All communications with us in whatever form are kept 100% confidential. Although you might be uncomfortable with whatever situation brings you to us, chances are very good that we have already helped someone else with a similar problem. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Q:  What sort of guarantee will I get?
A: This mostly depends on the sort of work you ask us to perform. As one example, if you are purchasing information products from us, we’ll make very clear in advance what you will get and how long it will take and we will keep our word.
A second example pertains to missing person cases — we cannot guarantee that we will find them (someone who is determined to hide can do so quite easily, contrary to popular belief) but will disclose all our findings to you. At any point during such an investigation you may choose to stop.
In all matters we will strictly keep to both the letter and the spirit of our agreements with you. We value our good reputation and we strongly believe that a satisfied client is the best possible advertisement. In all matters we will advise you of the possible risks, not just the possible benefits.

Q. Can you provide me with references?
Personal references are not available. Please understand that our individual clients come to us with their most embarrassing and difficult problems. They, like you, deserve respect and privacy. And our business clients certainly would not wish to lose the competitive advantage that we provide to them.  However, we can show you our education, training, certificates, and anything pertaining to our Law Enforcement careers, including over 30 years of Law Enforcement training and education.  Please look at our About Us section to see our qualifications!!

Our promise of confidentiality is absolute.