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M&M Investigative Services, LLC is owned and operated by two retired police officers with over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience.  Greg Majoy and Brent McConnell joined forces to offer a variety of Investigative Services for Insurance Companies, Attorneys’, big and small companies, and civilians.  They have extensive experience working undercover, using confidential informants, investigating criminal violations and conducting surveillance.  During each of their tenures in Law Enforcement, both Greg and Brent had a 100% conviction rate.   In addition to the experience Greg and Brent bring to the table, all of M&M’s Investigators are highly qualified and have a Law Enforcement background.


Gregory P. Majoy – Owner

About him:

Greg has over twenty years of Law Enforcement experience serving with the Erie County Sheriff's Office.  He completed his career as Commander of a multi county Drug Task Force and was President of the statewide Narcotics Officers Association.   Greg then took his law enforcement expertise and served with the  United States Army as a Law Enforcement Professional in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Greg has received awards and recognition from the U.S. Army, the Afghanistan Minister Of Interior and the FBI.


Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice

Certified Peace Officer in the State of Ohio- Thousands of hours of training (Certificates available upon request) Top Academic Student Award

Certified Private Investigator in the State of Ohio:
Number: 2011-11156773

Work Experience:

Erie County Sheriff's Office - Assigned as the Commander of the Erie County Drug Task Force and Captain at the Sheriff's Office. Set policies and procedures for Task Force Operations and supervised and conducted complex criminal investigations. Provided training and educational programs to local fire, police, and community organizations. Greg also worked undercover, infiltrating narcotic trafficking organizations and criminal networks throughout the State of Ohio and Michigan.

EHOVE Joint Vocational School - Greg worked as an instructor for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and as an Adult Paralegal instructor. Developed interview and interrogation curriculum that was adopted by EHOVE's Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.

MPRI (Iraq) - Served as the battalion commander's law enforcement criminal network Subject Matter Expert (SME). Accompanied mounted and dismounted patrols in street level operations in hostile threat environments to instruct and mentor on proper law enforcement tactics.

MPRI (Afghanistan) - Director of Training for the Major Crimes Task Force in Afghanistan. Worked with senior government officials from U.S. ALAT, Senior EUPOL Officials, Senior Officials from the Ministry of the Afghanistan Interior, FBI, ICE, U.S. Marshals, Australian Federal Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, U.S. Army, CID, British Organized Crime Agency, and U.S. contractors.

Was AWARDED the Afghanistan Minister of Interior Medal for Outstanding Service, the U.S. Army Commanders Civil Service Award, and the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Brigade Combat Spur Award.

Brent R. McConnell – Owner

About him:

Brent has over ten years of Law Enforcement experience. He worked for the City of Huron Police Department, where he was assigned to the Erie County Drug Task Force. While at the Task Force, Brent conducted complex narcotic investigations, worked undercover, developed confidential informants, learned the art of surveillance, and most importantly received the best training in surveillance and a variety of other investigative schools. Brent left Law Enforcement for an opportunity to work as a computer consultant and has now returned to investigative work where he can combine his law enforcement and computer experience to better serve the clientele of M&M Investigative Services.


Associate Degree in Criminal Justice - Graduated with Honors

Bachelor Degree in Business - Graduated with Honors

Certified Peace Officer in the State of Ohio - Thousands of Hours of Training (Certificates available upon request)Top Academic Student Award

Certified Private Investigator in the State of Ohio - License Number: 201021001794

Work Experience:

Erie County Drug Task Force – Worked undercover in a factory investigating Drug Trafficking, internal theft, and other offenses.

City of Huron Police Department – Assigned as a Detective to the Erie County Drug Task Force from 2000-2007.  Worked thousands of narcotic investigations. Including working with the DEA, BCI, and the FBI. Was responsible for the case management of narcotics investigations, handling of confidential informants, writing and execution of search warrants, surveillance, and numerous other tasks. Voted Officer of the Year in 2006.

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  • Professional, reliable staff:

    M&M Investigative Services takes pride in the professional staff that we have in place. Our investigators have the best training and pass a stringent background check prior to employment.

  • Training and Equipment:

    M&M Investigative Services is continually upgrading and updating our state of the art equipment. Regular and annual training is required to keep up to date on current trends, regulations, and laws.

  • Discreet and Secure:

    With over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience, the owners at M&M Investigative Services understand the importance of providing a discreet, secure, and reliable service.